Universal Basic Income!!

Here, at last, is someone doing the right thing:  the mayor of Stockton, California, is piloting a universal basic income program in his city because, as he said,

“Work does have some value and some dignity, but I don’t think working 14 hours and not being able to pay your bills, or working two jobs and not being able—there’s nothing inherently dignified about that.”

Stockton had declared bankruptcy in 2012 after years of misguided spending on frivolous things like a new yacht marina, while the city had a murder rate worse than Chicago’s.  To repair the social damage, this mayor decided to change things from the ground up.  He provides a shining example to us all.

What I hope for is that, since more millennials, like Stockton’s mayor, are now eligible to vote than baby boomers, things will take on a much-needed urgency, and that these voters will vote impatiently, and get things done.  I am beyond impatient, and feel things cannot change soon enough.  I regret that, likely, I shall not live long enough to see what I’d really like to see happen in our society.  I shall have to content myself with seeing some steps made in the right direction, if I am lucky.

I encourage all of us who are impatient to vote like hell, and protest like hell, and educate like hell to get things completely changed, because otherwise, we’ll have nothing left to change.


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