How Conservatives Structure Poverty for Us

I strongly advocate reading this article in its entirety, and perhaps even reading the book it reviews.  The author describes his view of American inequality, and provides some solutions.


Temin advocates doing away with the belief that private agencies can act in the interest of all citizens in the way that public entities can, and should.”


Conservatives prefer personal charity, while liberals prefer government assistance and regulation.  As I have remarked before, (see my blog entries for 7 July 2015, 16 February 2016, 20 December 2016, and 30 May 2017) personal charity is limited and unreliable, while government agencies can reach more people and establish systemic change.  What is required now is sweeping systemic change, but it is unlikely to occur any time soon.  To achieve this systemic change, …”fundamentally changing the cultural beliefs that have been reinforced over generations” is necessary.  This is a very tall order, and would involve abandoning core American beliefs for the majority of people.  This is unlikely to happen any time soon.  It is something we must work at assiduously, and maintain our courage while doing so because results will not be achieved soon.  This cultural change must be worked at while we work to achieve more limited, but very necessary, objectives, such as improving public education and infrastructure. 

My fear is that many of us will not be able to tolerate the lengthy period of conservative rule that may be in store for us, and things will only get worse.  Most people are too busy just trying to survive to pay attention to anything beyond their immediate vision, and will do nothing until they personally are in pain.  Of course, by then it will be far too late for democratic action and the only option left will be violent revolution.  It may be that this is what conservatives want, because then they will be allowed simply to shoot us all.  They are the ones with the guns, after all.


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