The Next Phase of Civil Rights

Here’s something new that is rooted in history.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began a project called the Poor People’s Campaign, and this is being revived and revised by the Rev. Dr. William Barber.

The Poor People’s Campaign demanded full employment, a guaranteed basic income, and access to capital for small and minority businesses.

The new project is called the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. This time, the demands include federal and state living-wage laws, equity in education, an end to mass incarceration, a single-payer health-care system, and the protection of the right to vote.

Beginning on Mother’s Day and continuing until June 23rd—the last full day of the 1968 campaign—thousands of people in some forty states are expected to commit acts of civil disobedience and protest against policies enacted at the federal and, especially, the state level, that have disproportionately affected poor people. 

Read the full article here, it’s worth reading.  Supporting or participating is even more worthwhile.  If anything needs doing in this country, it’s this project.  All of the goals of the new campaign are urgently necessary, and the revival of this campaign only shows how long overdue they are.  People were asking for these things fifty years ago, and look where we are now.  Too many of our rights have been eroded, especially in the last couple of years, and this must be stopped soon.  We are moving too swiftly toward a society that none of us would enjoy, except, of course, the 1%.  One of the old goals, a guaranteed basic income, is certainly a great, even if old, idea.  Perhaps it is even more valuable because it is old.  It would be great if it were included in the new campaign, and if we continue to discuss it, eventually it will take hold more firmly in the general consciousness.  We must persevere.

Praise goes to Rev. Barber and his associates; may they achieve success.


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