How Hate Destroys Itself

I very much enjoyed reading this article about how conservatives in the U.S. have shot themselves in the foot.  The Christian right built up its power several years back by bringing other conservative groups together to fight for socially conservative values, such as anti-choice policies.  Now, they are lashing out at Muslims, their former comrades, thereby dividing their base and their power.

Like African Americans, who also hold some socially conservative views, [Muslims] do not translate their social conservatism into conservative politics because they will not support a party that often openly disdains them.

There are other splits now in the conservative ranks, too, and all of this makes for good news that conservatives are now less able to unite and work together.  We can only hope they will fail soon, so we shall not be crushed under the weight of their oppression.

Because it is oppression that conservatives of any stripe offer.  They are utterly convinced that their way is the only way and feel absolutely justified in forcing it upon others.  They also have a truly amazing ability to blatantly contradict themselves without seeing it.  Although they clamor for religious freedom, they do not apply it to anyone but themselves.  They promote a severely conservative social agenda but enjoy all the modern technological conveniences of any progressive.  This would be funny if it weren’t such a fine example of that other thing they do so well – oppression.

This is the type of toxic monotheism that should be allowed to die.  What gives me hope that this will happen is that young people are increasingly turning away from these faiths because they see that they are bankrupt both spiritually and morally.

Of course, monotheism does not have to be toxic.  If humanity can some day embrace Oneness, seeing all paths as valid and all gods as One, then we can enjoy tolerance and a new richness of life that will reduce these damaging episodes of violence and oppression that have plagued us for so long.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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