The Flip Side of Injustice Toward Women

Some believe that Mrs. Clinton lost the election due to misogyny.  That may have motivated the more conservative voters, but she did win the election by popular vote, so it seems to me that most voters were not hampered by that prejudice.  This is very heartening, and has led to an encouraging outcome among women.

Women-only classes for how to run for office are packed.

This is great news – what we need is female leaders, so if this time of woe leads us to a better future led by women, then we can be grateful.  Misogyny raises its ugly head in a different way regarding women in political office, however.

…women who want to run for office are held to different/higher/double standards in nearly all aspects of their lives compared with their male competitors.

What this means for me is that women who succeed politically (and women can win elections about as well as men do) are better than their male colleagues because they are held to and meet a higher standard.  Women see the world differently than men do, and I believe they can do a better job of governing due to greater empathy and more prosocial values.  Women do not suffer the effects of testosterone poisoning, so are less likely to engage in antagonistic behavior, such as that displayed by our Celebrity-in-Chief.  I like to think that if women ran things, there would be a much greater likelihood of achieving peace.

An example of something women can fight against when in office is the destruction of the environment.  The EPA is being destroyed and given over to corporations.  This, of course, will be catastrophic, as business is solely motivated by profit.  Women seem able to grasp this more clearly than men do because they have more of an investment in their children’s future.  If more women can get into influential public positions, I cannot help but think that things can get better.  But this must be done soon, because once these business people get absolute power, it will be very hard to ever get it back.  And it is absolute power they are after.

I am so very glad to see the effect of the Women’s March as well as our subsequent activism, and women’s increased interest in running for office.  We can take heart, because the current period of regression is temporary, after all; but we must persist, because we cannot let the backsliding go too far.



Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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