Charity and Capitalism

Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, and Nigeria are now facing severe food insecurity due to social and infrastructure collapse brought about by war.  Interestingly, all of these countries are on Trump’s currently blocked travel ban.  Thanks to American economic and foreign policies, these people have had much taken away from them, even hope.  It is no wonder they have turned to violence.

I believe ISIS has more to do with economic injustice than religion; if those people did not have to suffer such deprivation, they would likely not need to turn to violence.  I find it just that they are fighting back against the U.S., because we have authored much of their misery through our economic policies. It would be wonderful if the U.S. government could someday turn from its capitalist domination and practice genuine humanitarianism. 

Conservatives seem to prefer individual charity over just social policy.  I suppose giving charity makes them feel good when they deign to provide it, but the problem is that individual charity is spotty at best, and so does not reach as far as needed.  There are simply not enough people to give money or time or goods where they are needed, so individual charity does not have much effect.  It certainly does not change the cause of the suffering.  Perhaps this is another reason conservatives are against social justice – it reduces their opportunities for doing feel-good charity. 

I prefer to change society, so that suffering of the magnitude mentioned above does not occur.  Although Band-Aid work such as that provided by Mother Teresa is necessary in the short term, larger change in attitudes and policy is needed.  By all means, contribute to your favorite charity, but also vote properly and work to change society so that all can share in our prosperity.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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