From the Inside – What the White House is Like

A young Muslim woman who had been working in the White House during the Obama administration attempted to continue working at her job after Trump took power.  She believed she could provide a Muslim perspective to the new administration.  As she wrote for The Atlantic

The diverse White House I had worked in became a monochromatic and male bastion.

The days I spent in the Trump White House were strange, appalling and disturbing.  As one staffer serving since the Reagan administration said, “This place has been turned upside down.  It’s chaos.  I’ve never witnessed anything like it.”  This was not typical Republican leadership, or even that of a businessman.  It was a chaotic attempt at authoritarianism – legally questionable executive orders, accusations of the press being “fake,” peddling countless lies as “alternative facts,” and assertions by White House surrogates that the president’s national security authority would “not be questioned.”

The entire presidential support structure of nonpartisan national security and legal experts within the White House complex and across federal agencies was being undermined.  Decision-making authority was now centralized to a few in the West Wing.  Frustration and mistrust developed as some staff felt out of the loop on issues within their purview.  There was no structure or clear guidance.  Hallways were eerily quiet as key positions and offices responsible for national security or engagement with Americans were left unfilled.

 After the travel ban was issued, she decided she could no longer work at the White House after all.  When she advised her office mate, Michael Anton, of her resignation and her reasons for leaving, he expressed surprise, but otherwise said nothing.

It was only later that I learned he authored an essay under a pseudonym, extolling the virtues of authoritarianism and attacking diversity as a “weakness,” and Islam as “incompatible with the modern West.”

It seems that Trump has managed to staff the White House, even at lower levels, with racist extremists who will not hesitate to act to fulfill their white elitist desires.  From what this woman has seen, 

The administration’s plans….legitimize ISIS propaganda and allow the dangerous rise of white-supremacist extremism to go unchecked.

I am glad she has spoken out and revealed what has been happening in the post-coup White House.  Others have told the same story of how things are in the new regime, but in spite of this becoming public knowledge, and in spite of Trump’s very low approval rating (43%), only 30% of Americans believe Trump should be removed from office.  I cannot imagine such tolerance for this obvious incompetence and ill-will.  Trump and his henchpersons are busily working to establish an authoritarian state that would legitimize all the discriminatory actions they could ever want to take, and utterly destroy the country we know.  I remain absolutely stunned, and fear that there are too few of us fighting against the Orange Peril to succeed.  If these people have their way, by the time the next election comes around, many of us may not be able to vote any more.

Please persist in your resistance.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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