Why Oneness is Essential

Stephen Hawking believes that a world government would be a good step forward for humanity because it could help secure our survival against the threats of human aggression augmented by increasing technology.  It seems he agrees with me (or vice versa if you prefer) that humanity’s technological advancement has outstripped its moral development, and that we need to take decisive action to ensure our survival. 

I believe education is the foundation of this development.  From this flows all the other things that will lead humanity to better manage emotions, make better decisions, particularly long-range decisions, and live harmoniously on Earth, or even elsewhere, as he advocates.

Education allows people to expand their awareness and understanding, thus elevating their moral decision-making ability.  Women who have more education tend to have fewer babies, thus decreasing the population load on the planet.  With a smaller population, the environment would be less stressed and less polluted, bringing about a more healthful and abundant life for all.

With expanded awareness and understanding, people are able to have greater empathy and consider themselves to be part of the whole world rather than merely a member of a tribe or nation.  Such expanded awareness is necessary to establish a global government that would enable us to face larger issues such as climate change, famine, disease, and extraterrestrial threats with greater effectiveness. 

With greater awareness and empathy, moral thought and decision-making could develop and bring people to a new level of functioning that would reduce the level of violence and injustice we would need to endure.  People would be able to use their emotions to tell them things about themselves and the world rather than being controlled by them.  People would be able to organize society in such a way that injustice was rare and universally condemned.  All species on the planet would be cared for because people would see them to have value in themselves, not just their usefulness to humanity. 

For education to have this effect, it would take several generations.  Only then, when people would be sufficiently motivated and could see the value of it, could a world government be formed.  This is when people would finally be able to embrace Oneness.  Can you imagine how wonderful that would be?

This is so important that we should begin now.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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