More Happy News

There is so much wrong with America today that it is imperative for us to make the extra effort to seek out those good things we do have.  As it shows us one of these good things, this article is particularly joyful, as it exemplifies just what we should be striving for – real interfaith cooperation.

Our new regime has given people permission to act out their racist fantasies, including desecrating Jewish cemeteries.  The victims of this now-sanctioned violence have responded by performing beautiful acts of kindness for each other, including Jews and Muslims helping to restore each other’s damaged places of worship or burial.  If you want to lift your spirits and restore a bit of your faith in humanity, read this article, which lists some of these charitable activities.  These examples of true compassion put the so-called Christians to shame who perpetrated the violence, in direct defiance of the teachings of their Founder.

To give the Christians their due, however, we must note that they are terrified; they see “their” society disintegrating all around them, and feel that they are losing everything.  When people are that terrified, they regress; they generally are unable to think very clearly or behave at a very evolved level.  Let us remember

When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

Nevertheless, it seems many of them have no interest in rising above what they consider their righteous anger, or learning anything new.

I hope we can follow the example of these compassionate ones who, in spite of centuries of animosity, have been able to help each other in these dark times.


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