The Fascist States of America

With horror I watched the video taken by United Airlines passengers of another passenger being beaten and dragged from his airline seat, bleeding and unconscious.  His seat was required by airline staff, and the company decided that the well-being and goodwill of one of their customers was just not that valuable any more.  He was forcibly and violently removed to resolve an internal company issue in front of other passengers, and now, thanks to the internet, the world. 

All of this occurred because now, in America, corporate profit is more important than anything else.  Please consider who you fly with in the future and remember that that could happen to any of us.  When corporations are left unchecked, we are more and more likely to become their victims, as the unfortunate United Airlines passenger did.  Corporations can do any number of things to hurt us, with the intent of increasing profit, so it’s not just airlines to watch out for.  Any company can abuse its customers.  Boycott those who abuse customers, the environment, or anything else, and do not let your money go to support their tyranny.  To begin, go to and see which businesses are on the list.  This is important. 

It takes a long time to turn a society around, and we have a long way to go from our current corporate oligarchy to something closer to a just and peaceful society.  Education is required, and a real change of heart for people.  For now, until this new, more moral ethos is achieved, do your best to live rightly as much as you can.  Every good example you can provide, every time you choose justice, every time you turn toward the light, counts.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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