The War on Poverty II

The new regime is planning to destroy what healthcare we have in this country, including Medicare and Medicaid.  This will cause unimaginable suffering before it gets rectified, which may take a long, long time.  For more information on the new Medicaid plans, see this article .

The problem is not the spending on Medicaid, though, it’s the number of enrollees.  The way to improve this is not just to cut the funds and look away, we must prevent people from needing Medicaid to begin with.  To do this, we need better education for all, so that each person can gainfully contribute to society.  We need to completely revamp our failing school system and lift people up.  Unfortunately, the current government has no interest in improving people’s circumstances; they are only interested in having a cheap, desperate, endless workforce available to them. 

However, it needs to be understood that education alone will not solve the problem.  There are many other issues that combine to make the failures of our society into a very complex problem, and interdisciplinary solutions need to be crafted in order to adequately address them.  The War on Poverty was lost because it baffled those who attempted to fight it; there is no simple, straightforward solution.  Now we have the War on Terror, but this is just a distraction (please see my post of 14 March 2017).  We need to address the root problem – injustice.  As long as there are people who are ignorant and poor, all of humanity will suffer.  Although single-payor healthcare is one goal we must aim for, we must primarily aim for justice for all.  That includes education for all, economic justice, healthcare for all, food equity, and an end to all forms of discrimination, to name the most crucial.  We must lift people up, not punish them.  The sure way to finally lose a war is for the winner to engage in retribution.  If we helped the countries where terrorism is fomented, the reason for the terrorism would dissipate.  Now, we are engendering the same situation in our own country, where we have so very many poor and so few to help them. 

Compassion is what is required. 


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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