The New York Times has run a frightening story about the progress of the rift in the Antarctic ice shelf.  Although this is just one event, there are also many others that signal our impending environmental crisis.  What all this shows me is that we don’t have four years to wait to elect people who care for the environment.  The urgent need of the environment cannot wait on the cumulative effects of protests and letters to the editor.  We must change things immediately or suffer truly horrible consequences. 

This is not to say that playing the long game of enacting slow and lasting social change should not be played; this is essential for our future.  However, we also need to act more urgently now as the stakes have gone up, and as they go up, it will become harder to have a future that we can manage, much less enjoy.  We owe much to our Mother Earth and all her creatures, and have a responsibility to find a way to stave off or at least reduce what is becoming inevitable. 

Decisive action must be taken.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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