The Real Enemy

The government has been using terrorists as a scapegoat and distraction since 2001, when the real enemy is large corporations, especially financial institutions.  Obama had a chance to regulate the banks shortly after his election.  He had a great deal of momentum and many voters were behind him.  He really could have done something to help many of us, but did not.  Instead, he focused on improving healthcare delivery, and succeeded in alienating too many people.  The bankers got away and we have been left without any protection.  If many of these poor whites who voted for Trump had gotten some economic relief from Obama, perhaps Trump would not be in the White House now. 

To be fair, Obama may very well have been threatened or misinformed, and made the wrong choice.  We shall likely never know.  What we do know is that the recession lingers on, and the gap between rich and poor is widening, while people from the middle class are swelling the ranks of the poor.

And, the so-called war on terror drags on, with uncertain results.  What it does seem to accomplish is to keep the voters distracted from the real issues.  Fearmongering is an effective tool, and the government has been using it liberally.  Trump especially is using it now to deflect attention from the real issues, and to promote his own agenda.  At the annual prayer breakfast, he went on about making America safe.  He has no ability to do that.  All he really wants to accomplish is securing his own position as the Celebrity-in-Chief; he is not too particular about how this is done.  Our welfare does not figure in his plans. 

There is little we can do to alter all this besides keeping informed and taking whatever small actions we can.  Strikes and boycotting are superb methods of undermining capitalists such as Trump and his friends, and I strongly suggest you visit and examine the list provided there.  There’s much to do, and only we can do it.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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