Global Warming – Accelerated


As we begin a new era, with both a flat-Earth government and the Paris agreement to guide us, researchers have discovered that the climate issue is more urgent than previously thought.  Not only are we causing global warming by our use of fossil fuels, among other things, but soil microorganisms are contributing to it as well.


“It has long been feared that as warming increases, the microorganisms living in these soils would respond by very naturally upping their rate of respiration, a process that in turn releases carbon dioxide or methane, leading greenhouse gases.

It’s this concern that the new study validates.”


What this means is that even if we proceed with the plans set forth in the Paris agreement, we still may not make enough of a difference, as the Earth Herself has begun to work against us.  We may indeed have crossed the line.


[the researcher] “argues that until now, the science community has often left this potential carbon feedback from planetary soils out of its calculations because it wasn’t well enough understood.”


How is it that this information is only now coming to light?  Science proceeds slowly, because of the care and the time required to obtain reliable data.  New discoveries can nullify what before was accepted truth, but because of human error and the magnitude of the task, science enjoys only occasional bursts of spectacular discovery.  Because basic science education is not provided to all, science is often mistrusted because it appears unreliable.  Science progresses slowly because we are only human, not because all scientists are dishonest.  Now we have this new information, though, we must act on it.

“This is really critical, because if the additional release of carbon is not counterbalanced by new uptake of carbon by plants then it’s going to exacerbate climate change and increases the urgency to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


All of this sounds dire, but we can and should keep working toward reducing our carbon footprint, both as individuals and in our groups.  Even if things in fact become dire, there is a chance that some of us will survive and be there to witness the healing of our Mother, Who has a very great capacity to renew Herself.

We must not neglect that other thing we can do, the very important thing, and that is, pray.  We must remember to join our energies to protect our Mother and ourselves, and to move us forward to a more progressive and harmonious world.  Someday, we shall be able to live in peace and plenty, in harmony with each other and the Earth.  The only question is, shall we do this sooner, and maybe even live to reap the rewards, or wait until it’s so late that the recovery becomes almost irretrievably delayed?


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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