Hope for the Future

Facing the future with Trump and his associates in power is bound to make one feel depressed, frightened, and even hopeless.  Nevertheless, there is cause for hope, and it lies in the next generation.  According to the Brookings Institution, most young adults identify as liberals, although they do not align themselves with the Democrats.  This may be because young people do not believe the traditional political parties are going to advance their issues, and so have little confidence in them.  In spite of this, most young voters did vote for Clinton, as they did for Obama in the previous election. 

What is so hopeful here is that they have consistently voted for the most progressive candidate available (third-party candidates are not really viable in our two-party system), and seem able to simply turn their backs on the regressive message of conservatives.  In addition, they have no qualms, it seems, about abandoning tradition and not joining a political party.  If we are lucky, perhaps one day we can simply vote directly for what and who we want without the manipulation and chicanery of the reigning political parties to skew things.  It is clear, particularly to the voters of the new generation, that the political parties are in the business of sustaining themselves rather than helping the country, and so their usefulness is really very limited.  Sadly, political parties have more to do with business than with government.  If we can dispense with the parties and their layers of obfuscation, we shall be better off because a more direct democracy will result.  I have a happy fantasy that someday there will simply be candidates who run for office by stating what they would do for their constituents, without all the party silliness and the endless advertising that misleads more than it informs.

Interestingly, it seems that not only did the youth vote go to Clinton, voters who were Potterites were unlikely to support Trump, as they likened him to Voldemort because of his power-seeking, intolerant ways.   The author of this unusual study hoped that Harry could again save the world and defeat Voldetrump, but this happy result remains a fantasy.

I am glad to see people moving forward, and although the future will look unexpectedly different in many ways, I feel certain that my hope of progress is not a fantasy.


Copyright © 2017 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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