Personal Charity

By clicking here, you can watch the video or read the transcript of a PBS story about Project Mercy.

Paula Claussen of San Diego decided to build houses for the poorest families in nearby Tijuana. She recruited volunteers, and together they have built nearly 1300 simple, sturdy homes—sometimes as many as 44 in one day. They call their work Project Mercy.

Another woman also works with the homeless through her organization, For The Love of Others.

The organization helps people in need through various community outreach events. One of these events involves buying food, preparing it and distributing meals to people who need it most.

Read this article in the Huffington Post about how she is able to feed the homeless, among her other activities, and make a difference in the world.

These women are to be revered because they have made the effort and given away some of their comfort and convenience so that others may suffer less.  Granted, both these women are performing personal charity that is more band-aid or survival focused, so in spite of their work, there will be homeless still, because nothing that causes homelessness is really changed.  Nevertheless, this is work that still must be done, because not doing it would be inhumane.  The help these women have provided must appear miraculous to those who have benefited from their work, and it shows us that when someone stands up and undertakes such a task, they can sometimes achieve marvelous results, such as these women have.   What could be achieved if someone stood up and worked to eliminate poverty altogether?  Although this likely would never be accomplished, poverty could be greatly reduced, if it were made a real priority for enough people.

We are One with the homeless and the poor.  As long as they suffer, we share in it and its results, and in the responsibility for it.  It is incumbent on us to make every effort to change the world in whatever way we can so that such suffering is reduced or eliminated.  If even a few of us stood up and took on some project like the ones above, the world would become a better place, if only in a small way.


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