Suggested Next Step

There are people who are impatient with their governments, and have worked around their slowness and unconcern regarding the environment.  A group in Switzerland recently submitted a legal petition to force their government to take stronger action to protect the environment.

The complaint alleges that weak climate policies are violating their constitutional rights by failing to limit warming to politically-agreed safe levels.

There are groups doing similar things in Norway, the Netherlands, and Peru, for example.  Read this heartening story in the Huffington Post to learn more about them.  It is also good to know that a group in the United States has filed a lawsuit for the same reason; you can learn more about it here.

Since our government will soon be in Red hands, we need to think ahead and find ways to work around the government to get what we need.  This is essential, as otherwise, we shall lose everything if we don’t act quickly.  The examples above are encouraging, but more needs to be done to protect our Mother as she needs and deserves to be protected.  I may find myself saying this more than I’d like in the weeks ahead, but contemplation must be accompanied by action.  Contemplation shows us what we must do, but then we must do it.  The action does not need to be grand, but we should do whatever is within our ability to make the world a better place.  Even small efforts made by ordinary people can help move us forward.  Even if we don’t have money or power we can contribute in some small way to the larger efforts of others.  Every contribution counts.

The loss of our home, the source of our lives and spirituality, is unthinkable, yet it is a very real possibility in the near future.  Do not stop your prayers and meditation; complete those prayers with action.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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