Stem Cell Miracle

Please read this article about some truly phenomenal research done at Stanford University.

Injecting modified, human, adult stem cells directly into the brains of chronic stroke patients proved not only safe but effective in restoring motor function, according to the findings of a small clinical trial led by Stanford University School of Medicine investigators.

I am so glad that scientists have ignored the fears and rantings of conservatives and done stem cell research anyway.  The recovery of these patients is nothing short of miraculous.  This is cause for rejoicing, and gives us hope – hope that we can overcome obstacles if we persevere and apply our best minds to the task, whether in medicine or other scientific disciplines.

Hand in hand with scientific endeavor, we must remain aware of our values and our Oneness with the Earth, and allow this to guide our work.  As long as we work in harmony with nature, we can find ways to genuinely improve our lives.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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