Affordable Housing?

Even after the supposed end of the Great Recession, it is still difficult in most of the country to find a rental that is both affordable and livable.  Many people must rent substandard housing, or risk doing without other things in order to pay rent.  To me, this is just further indication that the Great Recession is not over after all.

The other thing that this shows is that the economy is going well for those who can afford to buy income properties, but not for most of us.  Since the Recession, many have turned to renting because they just do not make enough money to buy a home any more.  There is a shortage of rental housing in many places, and landlords can charge what they want.  This is another example of the predation of the 1% on the rest of us that keeps the economy sinking.  The injustice of this is very disheartening.

the minimum wage isn’t really a “housing wage” anywhere in America, even at 40 hours a week

Not long ago, the Swiss voted on whether to approve a universal basic income.  Although it failed, the fact that it got to the ballot at all is cheering to me.  To me, it’s a step in the right direction.  Condemning people to living meagre, fearful lives is just not compatible with a civilized society.  Because we are all One, we must not allow suffering as we do.  No one should be forced to endure housing without basic necessities, or worse, no housing at all.  When we allow injustice, we are degraded just as the poor are, and all of society suffers.

In everything we do, we must work to right these wrongs, and lift each other up.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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