Holistic Theology

The Atlantic recently interviewed two female clergy, and in reading the article, I was struck by how both of them, albeit from different mainline traditions, had to manipulate their theologies to fit their lives as women, mothers, and clergy in the modern age.  It made me very glad that pagans do not need to do this; we are free of the restraints of a scriptural canon and a long tradition of dogma and hierarchy.  Although some of our traditions do have structure, many do not, and almost none have scripture to provide irrelevant restrictions on our thinking or behavior.

This is the sort of religion that may appeal to the Spiritual but not Religious (SBNR) person, even if it is only to borrow from it to formulate cafeteria-style, a belief system of their own.  What people seem to be trying to do today is formulate a more complete theology that takes their whole lives into account, and accepts, and in fact works with, life as it is today.  God is found anywhere, and people want to take advantage of this to find God for themselves, without encumbrance.  For this, I rejoice, because when we can eventually end the oppression of unrealistic dogma, our lives and our world will change for the better.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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