On the Future of Energy

As one who longs for a better future, I find progress on new energy sources unbearably slow.  The senate passed a bill not too long ago that provides some support for energy modernization, but along with that, it also provides support for fossil fuels.  This is sad, but likely necessary.  Since the government is so antediluvian, both in structure and membership, better is not possible.  Instead of bemoaning the wins for fossil fuels, though, we should be glad of the progress that was made for solar and wind.  There are still too many small-minded people holding things back, and it is probably easier as well as more effective to just move ahead wherever possible and not confront them.  They are backed into a corner, after all, so will fight tooth and nail against any new things that are presented to them.  Deep down, they know their days are numbered, and we shall prevail if we persevere, and simply do not draw their attention to what we are doing.  If we press on with new energy sources, eventually fossil fuels will simply become outmoded and irrelevant.  I pray we have enough time for this.

There are so many people doing wonderful things, and we should be happy about this and celebrate their achievements.  For example, the Solar Impulse 2 is working steadily along toward the completion of its voyage.  Although this airplane cannot accomplish much in the way of speed or carrying power, it is a great early step, and certainly something to be glad about.  I look forward to further innovations and refinements of innovations that will make things better for all of us.  Anyone who does this kind of work should be lauded, and certainly heard about more.

When we turn our attention to what we hope to achieve, we are more likely to achieve it.  We, now more than ever, need to look forward toward better things and not allow the despair that is so easy to fall victim to drag us away from a better life.  Let us hold our Mother Earth in prayer and support her in our actions, and help to preserve and renew our home.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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