On the Failings of Christianity and Other Religions

Not too long ago, I ran across an editorial that was, for me, refreshing.  It was written by a Christian who bemoaned the current state of his religion, with varying groups of adherents behaving very differently from each other yet still claiming the same God and the same religion.  He considered some of these people to be the sort he did not wish himself associated with, and he complained of feeling disillusioned.

…some highly visible versions of Christianity are so abhorrent that reasonably sensible people want nothing to do with Christianity or the people who practice it.  The same, of course, holds for abhorrent versions of other religions.

For me, this is old, but good news, because I am hoping that enough people will come to realize that the current traditional religions are not providing what people need and either change or discard them.  Perhaps then the beneficial aspects of these religions can endure, and perhaps in a completely new way.

It is difficult for most people to find salutary aspects of a religion when there are so many very visible factions that are objectionable.  Because of this, there are many non-religious, and many who are spiritual but not religious.  They have experienced disillusionment as well, and have taken their spiritual lives into their own hands.  We need a less demanding, more flexible and personal way to find God that is not encumbered by irrelevant teachings and practices, something that meshes well with science and answers the question, “why”.  Contemplative Wicca can offer people a dogma-free way to enhance their spiritual lives and find meaning.

Religions should help people live in harmony with the Earth and each other, but throughout history they have often caused wars and injustice.  This is not due to the teachings of the religions, but to the way people interpret them.  When people succumb to politically or economically skewed interpretations of religious teachings, those teachings are distorted and cause much harm.  Our editorialist bemoaned this, and even admitted that paganism would not be worse!

…churches, pastors, or individuals interpret Scripture or faith in such a way that they do harm they would not do if they were just good old-fashioned pagans.

At least this good old-fashioned pagan has no scripture to interpret, whether correctly or incorrectly!  Today, more people need to find a peaceful place that will bring them in touch with God and away from the aggression currently on display over so much of the globe.  Perhaps when the current period of change is complete, there will be greater peace and harmony guided by a simple spirituality of Oneness.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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