Millennials and Religion

The Atlantic has just run a series on Millennials and religion, and the news is mostly heartening.  To my way of thinking, the change that is being made from organized religion to personal spirituality is entirely salutary, and what it portends is a shift in moral development.  It may be that people are moving up developmentally and are more able to think for themselves.  This would take many away from our antique religions that no longer address our modern concerns, and in fact, hold us back.  Law and order moral thinking would be left behind in favor of postconventional morality that allows the person to see the relative nature of personal values, and to realize universal ethical principles.  If this does come about, tolerance will increase, and it will spell the beginning of a much more peaceful age, where people will experience greater well-being and harmony with nature and each other.

The not so good news is that transitional periods have always been difficult and dangerous periods, and that is where we are now.  Although the outcome will likely be beneficial, to get there we must struggle.  People don’t like change, and usually fight against it; this can lead to very unpleasant events that could go on for some time.  I look forward to a better time, and hope that it will come to pass sooner than later, with a minimum of destruction.  I am glad to be given the blessing of seeing this change begin.


Copyright © 2016 Teresa Chupp.  All rights reserved.


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